Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a nice day

once in a while my special guy and i just say to heck with everything else and spend all day fucking. aside from all the kissing and the touching and the moaning and the humping and bumping and the orgasming, one of the best things about those days is how we get to just feel so completely free.

this most recent time, we made a sex video (which, i am sorry to say, i will not be posting here) with me on my knees blowing him followed by him doggy-styling me until he spurted a nice shiny dollop of delicious-looking cum out onto my bottom. then we sat down and watched the video on the computer, with me on his lap and his hands sort of roaming nicely as it played. it came out really well (haha), all the way from the first bit of sucking through the shot-from-below penetration to the squirt-squirt of his load down the crack of my tushie, which i am pleased to say looked very cute and heart-shaped from that angle.

then we climbed in bed and screwed two more times for i don't know how long, starting with an amazing him-on-top/me-on-top/69/him-on-top-again marathon that may have been the best sex we've ever had. the 69 was new for us and totally, completely rocked. but for whatever reason, the missionary parts were even better, way better than normal, in a seeing-stars, mind-blowing kind of way.

after that we afterglowed a while, kissing, cuddling, and generally just not wanting to de-coitify. we both knew there was no topping what we'd just done ... only there was still plenty of day left, and neither of us is completely un-greedy in the sex department, so once we were ready again, we went to it one last time, using what i call our t-bone position. that's him lying cross-wise to me, with my right leg hooked up over his waist and my left leg in between his legs, which totally maxes the penetration so it's full groin-to-groin, no-space-between, pump-action sex. predictably, this was excellent, but now quite as excellent as the previous bit.

close it out with a bath, and you just couldn't ask for a better one!