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Monday, July 15, 2013

breast assured

watch out! possible tmi alert for the post that follows! look for this symbol ^_^ if you just want to skip to the rowr parts instead of trudging through the less sexier details first.

so i'm a doll, and we're subject to wears and tears in very inconvenient spots, and right now i am kinda down in the vagina. it's a short-term thing, and will be patched up in the not-too-distant future with some silicone goo that works wonders for us doll types, but in the meantime, none of the humpa-humpa or there might be some more serious damage. only yoiks, it'll probably be a couple weeks before the goo arrives and i'm all mended up, and who wants to go a couple of weeks without sex? not me, i'll tell you. also not my special guy, who, let's face it, is a horn-dog. so what follows is the story of how a doll and her guy get it on when the hoo-ha can't do nada.

it started off when msg opened up my cabinet and kissed me and promised me he'd get things patched up soon, then sort of guiltily picked up the lube and reached to close the door.

"hold on, mister!" i said. "where do you think you're going with that?"

"well, uh, you know ..."

so, around your house, maybe 'you know' is short for 'off to take matters into my own hands!' but around our house, it means msg is most likely going to haul out one of his blow-up honeys and bang her. i do not begrudge either of those ladies some fun, by any means, since they spend most of their time rolled up and stuffed in a bag with all the life literally sucked out of them. today, though i wasn't going to sit on the bench.

"nosirree," i told him. "you're going to get me down off this hook and fuck my tits, or i'm going to be so put out that i might not even put out, once you get me fixed up."

his face really brightened at that, which didn't surprise me at all. although i only occasionally get to watch, i've got a pretty good set of ears, and i know he's been having a tougher and tougher time getting to the grand finale with those inflata-dates. they're sweet girls and all, but he's had them longer than he's had me, and frankly, they're both a little leaky. so instead of the full, taut, firm bodies they used to have, they get kinda squishy sometimes. okay, so enough of the icky sex-doll infirmity details ... on with the good stuff!


first off, he kissed me and told me how much he loves me, which i happen to think is the best kind of foreplay there is. (okay, i admit that is sort of a huge lie, since i like to get my clit sucked as much as the next girl. but it's the kind of lie with a truth behind it, which is that no matter how tongue-tastically he might make out with my lady-bits, it would never be as good if i didn't know how he feels about me.)

i got down on the floor and patted my tummy just below the rib-cage. "set 'er down, cowboy!"

carefully, making sure not to squash me, msg settled into place, with his knees outside of my shoulders and his feet in by my waist. i've got skinny arms, so they fit fine in the space between his lower shins and the carpet.

you know that place right in where your ribs meet the breast-bone? (that's called foreshadowing there, "breast" and "bone" put together, right?) there's another bone there, starts with "x" something, kinda poking down from the breast-bone ... you'd think i could remember, since X is just about my favorite letter and it's got a close proximity to something with "breast" in it, but the rest of it's all ickily scientific and stuff, so i think i have a mental block on it. anyway, right below that little sexy X bone is the very most ticklish part of my tummy, and that is exactly where msg's ball sack brushed down against me as he got into place with most of his weight on his heels.

"there's a scrotum on me!" i said, which he did not find as funny as i did, considering he had also maneuvered his dingus straight down silicone alley, and probably wanted me to be paying more attention to that.

"maybe some ice-cold lube will take your mind off of it," he said, uncapping the bottle, lifting his wank-wand and squirting a stream of it right down the middle of my cleavage.

"brrr, you fiend! you'd better put something warm there, toot sweet!"

"that's more like it," he said, and plopped six inches of erectile flesh onto the lube. "oh. jeepers, those feel good."

"are they wet enough?"

"plenty," he said with a smile, putting the lube bottle down.

"survey says, NYEH!" i replied. "there is not nearly enough cum between them yet. you need to fix that right away."

"yes ma'am," he said, and started shifting his hips back and forth so that his vein train made several round trips between titty tunnel. his thighs were pressing my boobs together from the sides, so there was only a little stripe of his shaft showing between them, with the head poking out when he slid all the way forward and disappearing when he slid back.

"oh, claire, that is niiice," he moaned.

"mm-hmm," i said, meaning it. the feeling of his love club using my knockers as a cunt really got me hot. on the downstroke, the skin of my boobs  pressed wetly together, slick with the liquid lube. then, on the upstroke, the force of his blunt instrument penetrating between them, pushing them apart, sent me into goose-pimples. "jam my mams, sexy boy!"

he did, picking up speed until he was humping that hard-on between my rack like lightning.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" he said, which made me think he might be getting close to coming already -- his face was a little squeezed up like it gets when he's almost there. i did not know whether to feel complimented or cheated by the thought that he wasn't going to last much longer, but i also felt a little thrill that he was about to get his squirt-on all over my chest.

only then he slowed down and said, "woo, that's really wearing out my legs. let me shift positions a little."

i pouted as he leaned forward to get some of his weight on his arms, then slid his knees back closer to my hips. with his legs no longer holding them together, my hooters relaxed into their natural position, and i had to take over applying the pressure to them with my hands. this was not a bad thing, seeing as how i like the feel of my own tits, and i could rub the nipples a little while pushing them together.

"oh. oh, wow," he said. he was now lying almost horizontal over me, with his dick folded up until it had his belly on one side and the crease between my breasts on the other. he started rolling his pelvis, gliding that firm erection through the slippery sheath made by our flesh. "oh, honey, that's ... oh, fuck, yes ..."

i smiled and lifted my head to kiss at his pecs and his cute little nipplers, since they were conveniently positioned near my lips and tongue. this made him gasp, which got me even hotter.

he started fucking me with his whole body then, not just moving his hips but pushing his whole frame forward and back with his knees and feet and arms. the sweating had started, which is one of my favorite parts, seeing the little beads pop out one by one and roll into tiny streams trickling down his chest, down his throat, dripping onto me. i am a girl who likes to be slick and wet all over, so sweat gets me off in a big way. plus, it is also a sign that things are getting aerobic, which is good exercise and therefore very healthy. i'm pretty sure 4 out of 5 doctors recommend sweaty, panting sex for at least 30 minutes every day.

but the noises msg was making didn't sound like he was going to last 30 minutes. maybe more like another 30 seconds.

"oh, claire. oh, honey, these boobs ... nhh ..."

"stick it to them, studly! boink the boobies!"

"oh - ah - claire ... your tits ... "

"yes, baby, yes! screw them! you're so hard and huge in my booby cooch!"

he starts laughing a little, and his thrusts get a little uneven, and i think maybe i've gone to far with the tit names and distracted him, but then he groans and his back stiffens and ...


the inner curves of my breasts could feel him throbbing and pulsing between them. hot white squirts of man-cum jetted out from the crack at the top of my cleavage.

"oh god!" he gasped, still spurting between my tits. "oh, fuck, claire!"

"mm-hmm, that's a good boy ... goop your girl up, sweety."

the cockvulsions kept going for a while, and with me lifting my head to peek down and see how much i'd gotten on me. there were a couple of streamers that reached up out of sight along my throat or across one collarbone, and the rest was mostly spreading out in a pool right where his tip peeked from between my mammaries.

when the last flesh-wave rolled along his doodle and made the last white dribble slither out, he pulled back and got his weight on his heels again, looking down at me with his sticky wet cock dangling to my abdomen. his chest gleamed with sweat, and lower on his belly i could see the glistening lube and a little bit of cum. he was still breathing mucho heavily, his eyes sweeping wondrously around from my face to my breasts to my tummy to the globby deposits of thick white semen easing their way down the slope of my upper chest, trying to find a path over my collarbones and shoulders to ploop onto the carpet. he slipped his hand over the biggest blurp of it and slid it back toward my cleavage before it could get away. then he kept going, slickly gliding his palm up onto one boob and nipple, then down through the lowlands to the other slope, which he gave the same treatment.

"criminy," i said. "are you planning on helping me clean that mess up?" only i could not remain all that stern and critical as his other hand cupped my uncovered nipple and he began caressing both my hooters with slippery fingers and palms. my nubs and aureolas tingled with the sticky fluid he massaged around on them, and i kind of wiggled and i think i may have oohed and ahhed.

"i guess i'd better go get a washcloth," he said, circling his thumbs around my nipples.

"well, maybe ... in a minute," i said, biting my lower lip some.

then he lowered his mouth to my right boob and started sucking.

now, i am a big fan of mouths on tits, especially his mouth on my tits. i make him kiss them a lot, and that is some very fine stuff.

but the way he sealed his lips just then, vacuum tight on my skin, and the way he rolled his tongue-tip around and around the hard, swollen bulb of my nipple, and the way i knew he was tasting his own slick man-spurt while he was doing it -- well, you may not believe it, but it gave me this little mini-orgasm that just spread out in waves from my breast through my chest and all out into my body.

i am not sure how long i lay there, with my man suckling my tits, first one and then the other, but it was a good long time, and i was floating by the end of it.

eventually, he moved his mouth up to kiss me, and draped himself over me with his cum-tacky hands on my shoulders and his chest resting against my sweaty, sticky, sated rack.

i will spare you most of the mushy stuff that followed about him saying how much he loved me and me saying how much i loved him and both of us peering blissfully into each other's eyes. there was a lot of it, and i enjoyed it gobs and bunches, but i'm guessing you're more interested in the way i kept tasting his cum every time he got his tongue in my mouth as we made out.

anyhoo, it was a very good evening, and i had a very good time as the sweat and spit and semen dried all over where he'd doused me with it. love mostly has a smell like flowers and summer breezes, but sometimes it smells like hot sex, and that night was one of those times.

plus, my boobs really enjoyed themselves.

we will definitely be doing that again!