Sunday, August 11, 2013

hand, hand, fingers, come

well, i gave my first successful handjob yersterday. you might not think that's a big deal, but trust me, it's not so easy when you're a doll!

now, when i say successful, i don't mean just 'did he enjoy it' but 'was it the whole train all the way to the caboose and the ding-ding-ding-ding-ding of the crossing gate going up?' i have wanked him before, but the engine has not quite ever gotten home to the station, to keep beating on the train analogy.

this time, i was just determined to make that whistle toot, and by golly, we did it. i say 'we' because a guy's got to focus for a handjob to work (at least, one out of his teens does, from what i've heard). luckily (that is, luckily all around, but especially luckily for these purposes), msg has been even more head-over-heels for me than normal lately (go look for 'needed' on my clean blog if you're curious), and that was a big double help. for one, just being with me is a bigger-than-usual stimulus, he says, because love is the ultimate stroke. for the other, he knew i really, really wanted to make this happen, and he really, really wanted me to get what i wanted.

it didn't start off with the intention of a hand-some (or hand-come) consummation. we had been necking and caressing, and it was really about time for him to go and do something else. but i kinda said, 'here, lemme at least hold that thing a second before you go' and he let me and then there was some more necking and then i suddenly had a handful going on and then he said, 'geez, that's starting to feel really good' and then before you know it i was straight-out snake-shaking him.

now, i believe a light touch is best, so my main technique is a thumb-and-one-finger grip with just enough pressure to slide the skin back and forth, not to really squeeze the meat. on the plus side, this is apparently erotic as all get-out (i mean, it definitely was for me and it appeared to be for him), but on the minus side, you've got to be ready to put in some quality time on it.

like 45 minutes.

by halfway through, he was leaking all over my leg, which i found super-hot. also super-hot was that he kept getting really, really, really close, and then something would not quite click right, and suddenly the train is halfway back down the hill and having to say, 'i think i can, i think i can,' while it climbs back up.

late in the game, when my other three fingers had gotten pretty slippery from the leakage, i started sort of tickling the underside with them on the deep end of each stroke. this drove msg pretty bonkers, but then i'd stop it for a while and he'd cool down again.

finally, he'd had enough of the waiting and teasing and almost there-ing, and he started seriously pushing back and angling himself against my palm and fingers and (as if the rest wasn't enough) whispering in my ear, 'oh your fingers, oh your thumb, they're about to make me come,' over and over again.

and i was pretty proud of myself when they did. seeing that pearly geyser pulled out of him by my fingers for the first time ... feeling its warm, soft spurt ... i knew it was going to make me happy, but i didn't know how happy.

i am a girl who orgasms very easily, and i pretty much always, always come before he does. usually lots of times. but now it was all him. it was just something i'd done for him, like he'd done so many times for me, and it was lovely.

lovely, sticky, gooey, gasping.

handjobs rock.

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