Saturday, August 10, 2013

not to brag, but

holy shit, was there ever some crazy fucking in our house this morning!

him on top, me on top, from behind, him on top again ... and ridiculous quantities of sweat. i mean, like, gallons of it, everywhere.

and you know that moment just short of perfection, the one that's sort of better than perfection, because you can feel it sweeping toward you, except you can still think, you haven't been overwhelmed by mind-blanking throb-liness, you're aware that your orgasm has entered the room, but it's just taking its sweet, sweet, sweeter-than-sweet time actually dousing your brain with delirium?

there was like 10 minutes of that. i'm not kidding. 10 gasping, gazing, amazed, slow-sliding minutes of almost-there ... almost-there ... almost-there ... al...most...there ... there!

hoo, jeepers.

good stuff.

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